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We offer the lowest possible wedding deals on standard packages from a wide array of wedding suppliers.  We offer bundled services and booking through our site guarantees a maximum discount.


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We aspire to be the biggest Wedding Supplier Directory in the Philippines including those in key destination areas like Boracay, Tagaytay, Cebu and others.  

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About Me

Arch. Omar Cartago Palero

February 15, 2018

I know establishing a business would never be easy, but I never realised its going to be this hard.

Two years ago, I decided to retire from my corporate job as an Architect and a Marketing Professional in order to pursue this business.  An online directory, group buying site and resource entirely  dedicated to weddings.  I initially wanted to call it Bride Rush, but getting the domain for it was really hard.  Until I found  I grabbed the opportunity a bought it without checking its name on Social Media.

After my retirement, My best friend, Teddy Manuel offered me a job at his company.  It was initially a temporary position, but the demands of work extended my stay for more than a year.  

My stay with his company provided me the connections and valuable learnings regarding the wedding industry.  It was also during my stay with him that I started working on the site. 

It took me 2 months building the site using a web template until I found an online store format that's suitable to how I wanted it to work.  I've added random suppliers, and tried selling packages and items from Teddy Manuel, just to test its functionality.

I gave myself until January 2018 to refocus my efforts on building the business.  My official day as the owner started February 1.  Its only been two weeks, but already, I've overcome flat tires, car air-conditioning repair, business permit process and building my home office.  All when I have no steady income coming in and investments are needed.

But there's no turning back.  And as the saying goes, The Time is Now!

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